Delta sophomore breaks records

Maddie Hulse practicing the freestyle to prepare for for the State Championships. PHOTO BY STACIA GREENBERG

Records are being broken for the Delta Mustangs swim team.

Sophomore Maddie Hulse broke records in the women’s 50-yard freestyle, 100-yard freestyle and the 200-yard freestyle at the Big 8 Championship.

“In the moment of breaking each record I was often times overcome with emotions of pride and relief that my hard work got me where I was planning to be,” Hulse said, explaining the feeling she got when she broke the records set at Delta.

She beat the 50-yard freestyle by .21 seconds, the 100-yard freestyle by .03 seconds and the 200-yard freestyle by 1.26 seconds.

It may not sound like a lot, to beat a record by less than a second, but when it comes to swimming, every millisecond counts when trying to rack up points.

Swimming is an individual sport because competitors are constantly trying to beat their own times, but you’re bringing in points for your whole team when you place. First, second and third are the highest scoring seeds.

Hulse has high hopes for her team as a whole.

“There is overall talent in this particular group which makes the weekend ahead exciting!” she said.

Head Coach Mike Maroney said he feels “really good about State for Maddie. She was tired at State last year, but we’re excited to see what she’ll do at State [this year].”

Not every swimmer makes it to the State Championships, “you carry yourself differently when you know you’re on your way to State. Only a few people have a chance at it. It’s exciting as a coach to see swimmers like Maddie,” explained Maroney.

This is Hulse’s second and last chance at State with the Mustangs since she has signed with Cal State East Bay for the next school year.

The State Championship is going to be held May 4 through Saturday, May 6 at East Los Angeles College.

Results were expected to be posted for the Thursday events past press deadline.