‘Dunce’ has his final say on film industry


Everything sucks.

Plain and simple, the film industry as a whole is dumb.

Every genre and every form that has to do with films is dumb.

Just look at the industry. Look at the films themselves.

We have this distinction in films for when a film uses people or cartoons, a live-action film uses people actors on real world settings and an animated film is entirely drawn or created with computer graphics.

But in live-action films today like “Teenage Mutant Obviously Fake Turtles” directed by the disaster master Michael Bay the main characters, villains and certain aspects of the sets are models generated on a computer several months after the film finished filming. Calling the film “live” is extremely redundant.

I could also attack the action genre itself using “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Utter Disappointment” as an example.

The ACTION genre is the fastest-paced genre of all films and includes scenes where a lot of things are happening and the visuals are exaggerated to match.

A two-and-a-half hour long psychological preach fest that advertised the first three words of the title like they were the new iPhone 360X only to have a total of five minutes actually fighting in the film is the direct antithesis of the ACTION genre.

And if you think action is the only genre that plops out movies the opposite of the intended purpose let me introduce you to comedy.

“22 Jump Street,” “Central Intelligence” and “Grown Ups.”

I could literally think up thousands of “comedies” that are perfect examples of the film industry failing a specific genre, but sometimes I feel like I just have to say “Adam Sandler” and I’ve made my point.

If you like any of the movies I just listed in the last sentence, that’s fine. Comedy is subjective or whatever, but Sandler admitted on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in 2014, that his movies, are just paid vacations and that he’s “done that since 50 First Dates.”

Now I want to cover the greatest redundancy among all of the film industry: drama.

I hate, nay I loathe, the way dramatic films are the only films that ever get any credit from critics and award committees in any way, as if the film industry thinks it has to take itself so seriously.

I literally just named three different examples of the film industry antagonizing itself, and yet snobby high-class critic types would lead you to believe it’s a serious profession, that comedy is embarrassing, that action is a gimmick, that reality is the only proper way to film.

I myself have said only terrible things about the film industry thus far.

I stand by my previous statements, but just because I’ll say the film industry is dumb doesn’t mean I don’t love it.

I love comedy, I love action, I’m impartial to live-action because I’m definitely an animation fanboy, but I think drama needs to calm down.

Sometimes when you represent the true dusk of the world through dramatic interpretation it can create a truly artistic thing. That’s good. Dramatic films should make you feel something deeper.

But, dramatic interpretation is also depressing. It shows how dark real life is.

I feel all forms of entertainment have incredible faults that get repeated, but it’s still called entertainment for a good reason.