Fans should unite against Disney’s destruction of ‘Star Wars’


Our favorite galaxy far, far away has left the fans in the dark while using any movie, video game, space station or book to rack in a galaxy’s worth of money.

With all the money we spend as Disney fans, we should be more critical and not buy the inadequate items peddled to us.

There are many Star Wars fans in San Joaquin County and at Delta College.

It’s one of the most devoted fan bases of pop culture.

It’s no surprise the Saga affected the city of Stockton in a intimate way.

In December 2015 downtown was booming with Star Wars fans of all ages showed up to see the new movie “Star Wars: The Force.”

This flick later broke world records for most opening weekend and best overall sales, later being beat by “Deadpool” for best weekend sales.

Disney bought the Star Wars franchise in 2012 and since then critics have picked apart the company’s choices with production.

The new counterparts have failed to meet the Star Wars standards.

“‘Rogue One’ was a bland mix of old Star Wars stuff and failed to introduce anything significantly new and good to the universe,” said Joshua Thraikill, a
Delta College student.

“It’s not a surprise since the premise of the movie seemed really unnecessary to me.”

The 2015 video game “Star Wars: Battlefront” was left hollow like a Taun-Taun with an absurd amount of downloadable content for extra fees and gameplay that failed to immerse us in the many worlds of the universe.

This lackluster gameplay made the game company and Disney look like money was more important than fans.

Fans have consistently not agreed with the decision making of the makers, just look at Jar Jar Binks, but we threw our money at them blindly.

Another comparison that can be made of before the Disney purchase and after was the animated shows “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” versus “Star Wars: Rebels.”

“The Clone Wars” premiered 2008 and lasted until 2014.

This show added many new colorful characters and real life themes such as politics in war, ethics in government, environmental protections and moral guidelines when no one is watching.

The characters we fell in love with wouldn’t support the tyranny of Disney.

We have so much more power than we think if we all get together and in one voice say: Start making good stuff.

Just stand up with your fellow nerds and make the Universe better for the next generation of Rebels, Starfighter Pilots and Jedis.