Fashion program showcases talent

Lisbeth Barocio working on a dress.

The Fashion Program will host its annual show “A Story of Fashion” today at 8 p.m, where both students and advisers have spent the past 12 weeks preparing for it.

“Every year, for 10 years now, all the work we create throughout the semester is put together as one final show for everyone to enjoy,” said fashion student Lisbeth Barocio. “It’s a long process, each student creates his or her own collection. We spend the first month looking for inspiration, and then in the following weeks, we work on creating the looks.”

Although students may find it stressful to endure the process. Lisbeth Barocio finds it to be very rewarding. “It’s a very stressful and fun process,” said Barocio, “As a student, I would recommend others to enroll into the Fashion classes. It’s a great opportunity to challenge your abilities and see what you’re really capable off before going into a career.”

As the show date approaches, Barocio affirms she’s prepared.

“I’ve worked very hard and have put everything I’ve learned together. Now I feel I can do anything,” she said.

For fashion adviser, Leslie Asfour, she finds it to be important for students to plan ahead in preparation for the fashion show.

“It’s all about time management,” said Leslie Asfour, Director of the Fashion program. “In 12 weeks, students sketch ideas, buy materials, create the collections and find models.”

One of the main goals for Asfour is to provide students with sufficient knowledge and preparation to continue their career in the field.

“The class expectations are the same standards as the fashion industry. We teach our students what is done in business. We critique, present, progress and give advice. It’s a real life experience,” said Asfour.

Both the fashion programs and clubs work together to make the show a success.

Club members and volunteers host fundraisers throughout the semester such as, the Nearly New Sale and Spring Fair, to raise money for the show.

“It’s stressful, but it always comes together nicely,” said Asfour. “Our goal is to share to the community the talent our students have.”

The show will include nine designers, 80 models, nine original collections and five retrospective collections all in one runaway show.

The show will be hosted at the Shima industrial building. Tickets are available at the door.