Internships present opportunities to gain knowledge, experience


Summer internships are opportunities for students to gain knowledge and experience the career they’d like to pursue.

It’s a chance to experience real life scenarios in a particular industry. It’s also a chance to decide whether the career is right for you or not.

“As a whole I believe that the internship was successful in furthering my knowledge of a career in the field. While being immersed in a company 40 hours a week for two and half months, I saw the pressure of deadlines, importance of appearance, the value of being a self-motivator and the joy of loving your job,” said Delta College student, Ashley Alatorre.

Good internships often provide not only experience, but also lessons and tools for the future.
Whether the internship is paid or unpaid , the intern walks out with new improved skills, completed resume, recommendations, new connections, professionalism, confidence and feedback.

So instead of “wasting” this summer, get up and apply for an internship that can change your life.

Here are some tips to successfully applying and getting the internship:

The first step to landing an internship is to make sure to understand the job you’re applying for. Read the description and the details and the qualifications in depth to have an understanding of the job.

The second step is to create a worthwhile resume; some companies may not consider you as an option if it’s not turned in with the application or if it’s not well written.

Cover letters are optional, some may be required, but it’s better to submit one with your resume to higher your chances of getting the internship; remember you’re competing with many other students.

The third step is to complete and turn in the application or any other necessary papers on time.
Time management is very important, and it increases your chances.

Finally, once you land an interview make sure to dress appropriately, arrive a few minutes early and remain calm and confident.

Remember, first-impressions matter, they can last forever.

Also, use manner, emphasize flexibility and ask appropriate questions; it show the employer the interest you have towards the job.

Current internship postings are available online at

For further information please visit the company websites.


  • Athletics Marketing and Promotions Internship at University of the Pacific
    Part-time , $15.29 to $19.81 an hour.


  • Internal sales and service parts internship at Kubota Tractor Corporation.
    20 to 35 hours per week , $14 an hour.


  • Ivie Internship program (photography/design).
  • Student intern in Communication Support at Universal Enterprises, Inc., 20 to 40 hours per week, $12 to $15 an hour.


  • Student intern at for financing at Modesto Irrigation District. Part and Full-time opportunities, $21.94 an hour.