Staying motivated harder then it looks


Is the lack of motivation simply the problem?

When I first started college, I recall feeling as if I was ready to conquer the world. Despite not knowing what I wanted to major in, being in college was a step to a better future.

Chances are a great deal of students can relate to similar feelings. Regardless of the situation a student might be in, pursuing a higher education is a major key to success and a brighter future. Having the drive to accomplish a set goal is as necessary as fuel to run a vehicle.

But why does it seem many lose this feeling of drive and motivation to pursue higher education?

Is it simply that life gets too difficult to handle or other life responsibilities and problems get in the way?

The majority of students have other responsibilities to worry about such as work, children, younger siblings and other home responsibilities. This can all become very overwhelming while trying to maintain grades.

As a student who has been here a few semesters it’s difficult not to notice how courses significantly reduce in size during the first couple of weeks and even get smaller as the semester comes to an end.

It’s easy to be motivated when you first start college or during the first couple of weeks of a semester, but as the semester continues, for many motivation is slowly drag out the door.

As human beings, a huge part of motivation comes from the support we receive from the significant people in our lives.

Second-year Delta student Guadalupe Cabrales emphasizes the important role a support system plays in the willingness and determination students put into their education.

“Probably they don’t have the support, they don’t have someone helping them, pushing them and they feel like they can’t do it,” said Cabrales.

According to U.S. News & World Report, in 2013 Delta College had a total enrollment of 17,629 students. A total of 7,062 full time and 10,567 part time students; a graduation rate of 25 percent and a transfer rate of 11 percent.

The most recent graduation rate shown on the Delta College website is from 2014, with a graduation rate of 26 percent, an average rate for community colleges but still significantly low.

Yes college gets harder. But keep in mind why you started in the first place and that will hopefully give you the drive to continue and reach your goal.