Tips to land that summer job

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As summer break approaches, Delta College students are planning summer vacations or are preparing to go to summer school. Some are busy preparing to take part-time jobs in order to earn some extra cash during break.

Of course, finding a job may be difficult due to today’s economy, but here are tips that can lead to success in finding jobs to work at for the summer.

The Delta College Career Center is a good place to find a part-time summer job for any students having trouble finding a summer job.

Workers at the Career Center can provide students with finding a workplace that requires part-time employment and a portfolio that can help students as a guide to help students for future employment preparation so that students can create resumes and how to answer possible interview questions.

“We also allow students to use the Career Center computers to search for links for available jobs and put flyers for job opportunities”, said Connie Martinez, Student Programs Specialist at the Career Center.

The portfolio also provide students information on how to dress successfully for work and interviews, as well as advice for students on what to put in their resumes, including things like past volunteer work.

What kind of job should a student get during summer? Some students might be a fry cook at McDonald’s or a cashier at a store.

“A job that I would specifically do in the summer would be working at a grocery store as a cashier or greeter. The tips that I would get or follow at work would be to how I correctly do my task in order to get my job done. I would get that from most likely my manager or boss leads the grocery store,” said student JB Brock.

Some students want to go to the service industry.

“I would want to get it in the service industry. Most of them are season work so it won’t hurt the company when you need to quit for school,” said Delta College Sean Valquette.

According, there are several tips to successfully find a summer job: Start looking now, stay positive, be flexible, be socially responsible and hours and wage to expect to work for 28 hours a week with an average wage of $12.75 per hour. said summer workers wait at the last minute to find a job but employers want to hire people before the summer begins as “70 percent of all summer jobs will be completely filled by the end of May.”