Lack of men’s restroom causes concern


It’s not fair.

The Shima building has four floors. Each floor has a women’s restroom, but men’s restrooms are only located on the first and third floor.

It’s so ridiculous that on the second floor there are two women’s restrooms. It’s like one restroom isn’t enough so a second was literally down the hall.

Someone forgot that men use the restroom too.

I have two classes in Shima. They’re located on the second and fourth floors of the building. There are no restrooms for me whatsoever on those floors.

I don’t appreciate rushing down a level of stairs to empty my bladder. Let’s hope I don’t have an urgent emergency because I don’t think I would make it in time.

I know I’m not the only male student on campus who struggles with this.

Therefore, there should be equal restrooms for men and women on each floor.

“I feel guys should be equal with bathrooms as girls,” said student Jeff Cania.

He then went on to say the campus should convert one of the women’s restrooms on floor two to a unisex restroom.

Can we really convince the college there needs to be a change?

“I think they should accommodate the means of all students,” said Jessica Reyna, a Delta College student.

After all, the final decision comes down to the district.

Can this unfairness towards men be considered sexist?

“In a way, yes they are accommodating woman instead of addressing men’s needs too,” said Reyna.

“I think there should be a male and female restroom on each floor and a gender neutral restroom in each building,” said Leslie Asfour who instructs in Shima.

This issue is big enough to protest but first we should start with convincing Delta College this is not fair.

I have looked near and far for an answer to why there are fewer male restrooms than there are women’s.

“There are more women in that area than men.” stated Stacy Pinola the Manager of the Facilities Planning on Delta College Campus.

I don’t think this is a good enough reason to justify why the restrooms aren’t equal.

Can we really believe this is the actual reason or are they not telling us the full truth?