ASDC offers food options for students in need

Food 4 Thought flier informing students of the program.

An increasing number of students are struggling or dropping out of school due to a lack of basic necessities, such as food, according to the Wisconsin HOPE Lab.

At Delta College countless students have had to also face the hardships of going home to a household that has little to no food for days or weeks on end.

During the 2011-12 school year, the Associated Student Delta College (ASDC) saw a need on campus and decided to help contribute to those in need and provided two programs vital in supplying students as well as their families with food items.

With the “Food 4 Thought” and the ASDC` Food Pantry students are able to access free healthy food options to feed themselves as well as other canned goods to take home to their home.

Food 4 Thought requires Delta students to purchase a $10 Mustang Pass in order to access the lunch program.

Lunch meals are typically items that are already made such as Lunchables or pizza.

The pantry welcomes students twice a month to collect canned food items and grocery items that are easier to take home.

This program doesn’t require a Mustang Pass due to the fact that some students may not be able to pay the fee needed in order to receive a pass.

“Last semester about 50 students from different families were helped through the food pantry and 20-30 students per week are helped because of Food 4 Thought,” said Hannah Washington, Senator of College and Community.

These two programs are funded through fundraisers done by the ASDC as well as any donations given throughout the year.

Donations not only include money, but perishable items.

“I think these programs are very much needed. It is important for them to remain and grow because students always tell us how much our program has helped them and their family,” said Washington.

Delta students in need of the program, and those who are not, have also began to see the importance of this program and what a difference any donation can make.

“There’s a lot of people at Delta that don’t have the resources to be healthy. I had no idea that so many people didn’t have the basic supplies like food to survive. That’s why it is so important to donate,” stated former worker of the food pantry, Mia Dofflemyer.

The Food 4 Thought and food pantry helps any students in need.

Anyone with questions can contact Washington can be reached in the ASDC center in SHIMA 101B and Food 4 Thought is open every Tuesday 11:30-12:30 p.m.