Boy genius from ‘Big Bang’ to puberty


Have you ever wondered what Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), from The Big Bang Theory, was like as a child? Or what Cooper felt going to college at 11 and having the Ph. D at 16? Or how Sheldon was affected when his parents and siblings alienated him from the family?

CBS has started making plans for a pre sequel centered around boy genius, Sheldon Cooper, when he was 12 years old.

“ I think it would be interesting to see the events taking place because of how he mentions it.” Ivan Munoz

Though as stated in a pilot hasn’t been written but it has been made aware that the show will come to be aired next season.

“ I like the idea of making a pre sequel… but some shows that tried making pre sequel haven’t done well before,” Gideon Rios, a Delta student, said.

Complications that could arise would involve that the new series changing Cooper’s character.

It would be problem if the Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory and the “Sheldon” characters are too different that the show moves in two separate directions which would lead to two different characters thus two different shows.

To avoid this problem the network has brought on Jim Parsons on board as an executive producer to help the new series from behind the scenes, all the while working on the Big Bang Theory set since the show will be continuing for another season.

“The show has to have at least another actor playing Sheldon because Parsons can’t play a twelve year old,” said Munoz.

Despite not having a script written, an extensive casting has been done for young Sheldon Cooper and Mary Cooper.

They eventually chose eight year old Iain Armitage, Big Little Lies actor, and thirty three year old Zoe Perry, daughter of Scandal star Jeff Perry, according to hollywood reporter.

Though Perry’s big screen debuts weren’t as successful, her television one were.

Perry can’t be overlooked since she starred on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Cold Case, and Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Armitage ,though young, has had opportunities to show his talent, landing roles in two movies and a television series. While gifted, Armitage posted play reviews and covered Broadway songs at age three.

The show “ Sheldon” also managed to have Big Bang Theory co-creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro, who worked on hit children’s tv shows such as Drake and Josh and iCarly, create and produce said show.

Bill Prady, one of the Big Bang creators, will also be present from time to time to help make decisions. Though things might seem bright and planned “Sheldon” isn’t yet a given with conflicts arising.

CBS and Warner Bros TV have worked together and share the CW channel, Warner Bros Television went to CBS with a hefty penalty on how things were going play out.

“The negotiations for Sheldon are said to be intertwined with the license fee talks between CBS and Warner Bros TV for future seasons of the original series,” according to the article