Artists display wealth of talent with goals to take work beyond Delta campus


There are many students involved in arts programs at Delta College.

However, if you’re not part of the Art Department it’s not easy to know these hidden gems who make art at the college.

Three students stand out specifically, according to their professors.

Ryan Menor Quijalvo is an illustrator.

He got into illustration four years ago.

He started off in the computer field for a job, then got his degree in Culinary Arts, then went back to school in 2013 for art.

Quijalvo is into illustrations like comics. He served a stint as The Collegian’s comic artist during the 2014 school year.

“I feel art is important because as a society of people it brings a lot of the culture of where people are, it’s a lot of storytelling, it’s very expressive,” he said.

Right now he’s working on comic illustrations. He does work for people whether it be paintings or sketches.

Quijalvo plans to transfer as soon as possible.

Alex Woods is one of the outstanding photographers in the Photography Department.

Woods has been doing photography for more than three years.

He always loved photography growing up, but as an athlete, put sports in front of the practice.

Now that he’s no longer doing sports he has more of an opportunity to focus on his craft.

“I like being in the darkroom. It gives you a sense of accomplishment,” said Woods.

Woods does both digital and non-digital photography.

“There’s always a story to tell,” said Woods, when he explains why he loves it.

Woods is part of a collaboration with the Stockton Symphony happening right now.  The project shows parts of Stockton. It will be ready next year.

Woods is also working on his portfolio for photography.

The last artist is Kayla King, someone who was highly recommended by all her professors.

Kayla King is an art major, who specializes in ceramics and sculptures.

“I love how expressive I can be.” said King.

King has been doing art since the age of 5. She started with paint then moved to ceramics but now wants to stick with sculptures.

King has done several art shows, and entered a ceramics piece to the student art exhibition.

King plans to transfer to San Francisco State University in the Fall 2017 and pursue art.