Getting ahead with priority registration


When students register at Delta College, they receive a date to sign up for classes.

Some people may get earlier dates than others.

The process behind dates is confusing to most students, and may come across as unfair if you receive a date or time that’s a week later than your friends who registered after you.

This is priority registration. It happens if a student fits into a category that would give them earlier registration.

Priority registration is a good thing for the school because it gives the students more motivation to be a part of extracurricular activities and to strive to get better grades. It is an equal opportunity for every student to get priority so its not like its biased or unfair.

“I kind of think it’s fair because whatever [details behind priority registration] is plucking out the students that are on track for graduation and putting them on priority,” said student Amanda Leal.

There are many students who have priority registration who love it.

“I was guaranteed to be the first one online to register which was amazing,” said Yesenia Chavez, a student who had priority registration.

When a person has priority registration they’re bumped above most students to get first pick of classes.

“I like priority registration. I think it encourages us to stay on top of everything to get better dates. I think its fair especially since even if you don’t get into the class you want, you still get on the waitlist and most of the time at Delta, you get into the classes you are on the waitlist for,” said student Rebecca Fellows.

The idea that students who are part of extracurricular activities get earlier registration may come across as unfair to students who don’t apply. Or it may motivate students to join things or boost their grade-point average to get an earlier date.

Everyone knows the struggle of signing up for classes, especially science and math.

It may be even harder for students who aren’t part of a sport or have a high grade-point average to get the classes they need to transfer or graduate.  

Keeping students aware of the process behind registration lets them know ways to maybe be part of priority registration so they can get necessary classes.

“Getting into programs that provide you priority registration gives you more strength, it actually motivates you to get better grades,” said Chavez.

Chavez is part of the EOP program, which can give a student priority registration.

The opportunity is available for everyone, students just need to apply for programs, work to boost their GPA, or join extracurricular activities and this can help them possibly get ahead with registration.