Electron Microscopy program receives microscope donations


Delta College’s Electron Microscopy (EM) Program has received two new electron microscopes from Applied Materials, Inc. and JEOL USA via donation.

“These donations will give our students exposure to the kind of microscopes they will use in contemporary labs,” said Microscopy Professor Frank Villalovoz in a news release. “When these instruments were new, they cost in the multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Applied Materials, Inc. donated the Hitachi S-4800 FE Scanning Electron Microscope.

JOEL USA donated the JOEL 1200 EX II Transmission Microscope.

Hitachi High has also donated $20,000 for installation.

Delta College’s EM Program was founded in 1970 by Victor Remillard and Dr. Betty Matthews and allows students the opportunity for employment with research scientists in laboratories, health fields and more.