Delta 101: A primer on campus services


Delta College offers a number of services for students including the tutoring, counseling, child development, career transfer, disability support, extended opportunity, financial aid, scholarships and veteran services.

Here’s an overview of programs and services.

Counseling Center/SSSP: The Counseling Center provides students with career planning, academic probation, financial aid appeal, personal counseling, transcript evaluation, transfer services and veteran services.

Students are able to schedule an appointment with the counselor that fits their needs, feel more comfortable with or is lead counselor of the special program the student is in or is interested in.

“Students should take advantage of the counseling center because it is going to help them become successful in their educational goals, career and overall in their personal life as well,” said Danica Bravo, Student Program Assistant Counseling and Special Services.

To make an appointment you can visit the counseling center located at DeRicco 234 or visit the Online Counseling Appointment System at

Disability Support Program and Services (DSPS): DSPS provides access and support to students with disabilities in academic programs. The program and services offers academic accommodations and services approved by DSPS counselors.

“The program is offer to students with a verifiable disability meaning they would have to provide documentation that they have a disability and how it affects their studying or mobility around campus,” said EOPS Administrative Assistant Barbara Barroga.

Services include specialized counseling, mobility, interpreting/captioning, adaptive computer technology, campus liaison, note taking services, alternate media, accommodated testing, learning disabilities program, community liaison, equipment loan, the Workability III Program and DSPS courses.

For more information about DSPS visit the office open Monday- Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in DeRicco 234 or visit

Extended Opportunity Program & Services (EOPS): EOPS provides students with individualized counseling services, priority registration, tutoring, grants, assistance purchasing textbooks, college and university tours, transfer fee waiver and transportation assistances.

Delta student and EOPS Student Office Aid Cecilia Gradilla who is also part of the program believes it’s beneficial as it helps students stay on track.

“One of the requirements is to meet with your counselor three times a semester, do your progress report, it really helps you keep on track of your classes and how you’re doing,” said Gradilla.

To qualify for EOPS students need to be eligible for the Board of Governors Grant Fee Waiver (BOGW), be enrolled in 12 units and completed no more than 40 degree applicable units.

Students must also meet one of the following educational criteria which includes assessment into basic skills English, ESL, or Math, not a high school graduate, GED, graduated high school with less than a 2.5 grade-point average, previously enrolled in remedial education or special admission.

If students have previously attended other colleges or universities the student has to submit unofficial transcripts of schools attended by the application deadline or submit transcripts within 30 days of acceptance.

For more information about EOPS visit the office open Monday- Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in DeRicco 234 go visit

Academic Assessment Center: The assessment center “assess incoming students for proper placement for their course work, we want to make sure they are placed properly, we don’t want to put them in classes that are too difficult for them or to easy, we want them to be successful,” said Jeffrey Castanon, student programs specialist at the center.

This year the assessment center implemented the Accuplacer to replace of the COMPASS Exam which benefits students more as students have more opportunities to retake the exam to improve.

Students can retake the exam twice a year without having to wait a 30 day period in between but are encouraged to review and prepare using the Accuplacer “Learn as You Go” or take the sample test online at

Retakes work on a first come, first serve bases, appointments aren’t required simply visit the Assessment Center located in the DeRicco 110 take a look at the center’s calendar and check the retake dates and hours or visit

Child Development Center (CDC): The Hazel Hill Child Development Center offers early education and child care programs.

According to Nancy Cook, Director of Child Development Center the facility serves children 18 months to five years of old, anybody can apply to the program but priority is given to Delta students.

“In order to be a part of the program (funded by the state) they have to be income eligible and demonstrate the need for full day services so either being a full time student which is 12 units or more a part time student and working part time or someone that is working full time,” said Cook.

For more information about CDC call (209) 954-7500.