Fair connects students to colleges


Are you thinking about transferring? 

Possibly UC or CSU?

Perhaps you’re even thinking about out of state?

Well then, a College fair is your solution. Delta College held its annual college fair on Tuesday, Aug. 29, a week into the new school year, surprising incoming freshman into Delta.

“I feel like it’s really cool because I don’t know much about four-year Universities,” said Kira Gifford. 

Booths are set up starting from the end of the Koi pond through the Shima entrance. 

Schools like Sacramento State, Notre Dame de Namur and many other colleges had a table with two or more representatives to answer questions for  students.

“I think it’s very educating and motivating…makes me want to go to every college. They help you with the pre-counselors and then advised you to apply in the fall,” said Yaneli Perez.

Even with the constant heat students seemed eager to get informed going from one booth to another. It was a bit crowded because of that fact and probably caused trouble to those students heading to class but most didn’t seem to mind getting bumped into every few seconds. 

To say some were impressed with the variety of schools was an understatement but there were some school students would have hoped to see here on campus.

“I was wish CSU Fullerton had showed up but other than that it was cool,’ said Loren Flores.

Flores had pointed out the only draw back seemed to be the time.  

“I think the hours are a disadvantage because some people have back to back classes and can’t make it,” said Flores. 

To some it was easy going to the college fair if they had a break in between classes or came to campus early but others struggled getting to talk to one college with only a 10minute window. 

Regardless if students had an hour or 10 minutes to talk to representatives the college fair allowed them to revisit the idea of furthering their education at a four-year institution after their time here a Delta.