Wonder vs. Atomic, the battle between modern day cinema


Let’s take a moment to reflect modern day cinema.

Can anyone remember when was the last time a woman took center stage?

Let’s take that stage and talk about two movies that took this summer by storm by portraying two clear and distant female roles: Wonder Woman and Atomic Blonde.

Wonder Woman is a classic in the DC comics. This past summer, there was a live action movie released in theaters on July 2, the starring role of our beloved amazon princess going to Gal Gadot. Gadot demonstrated, despite what the critics said, that she could play Wonder Woman despite the clear differences from the original character.

“ It was off from the actually story of wonder woman. The biggest differences being that Zeus wasn’t her father, she wasn’t a demigod but a regular woman with insane strength,” said Joanna Ojeda.

Though the story was different the character didn’t change mentally. Wonder Woman was still the strong, confident and fearless character that people seem to love. From the way she responded to women’s fashion in the 1900s to the way she didn’t let what people were saying or the way people looked at her affect her.

“I think Wonder Woman is a wonderful icon for young girls because you get a big strong powerful superhero that girls can connect to, she’s someone you can see that just makes you inspired and makes you feel hopeful. I think it’s really a good movie and character and I hope that more movies come out in the future that can put strong female leads in the spotlight and not always as supporting characters or love interests,” said Shelby Frazier.

Critics bashed Gal Gadot for not having big enough breasts for the role and many other things but people loved her attitude to such comments.

“I liked how the actress (Gal Gadot) defended herself when critics tried to bash at her. She ended up saying that real amazons only had one breast and that she likes her breast[s] how they are,” said Zachary Darrow.

With such positive reaction toward a strong female protagonists you would expect people to also accept Lorraine Broughton, an elite spy for MI6 played by Charlize Theron.

Atomic Blonde was released on July 28 but wasn’t as popular.

The plot takes place in the late fall of 1989 during the cold war in Berlin.

The movie has action, mystery, and a confident female persona.

“I liked how they portrayed the code of MI6 and had a strong female character. I liked the fact she can fight, she was agile, strong, and can definitely take a punch,” said Darrow.

Theron did her own stunts to make people get a good feel of the character but all people saw was the homosexual love. When released people were excited up to that one scene when Delphine and Lorraine kissed.

Clearly both movies were meant to show a strong female character but one was widely accepted and the other was at a standstill.

In a review on the Christian Answers website, people clearly didn’t like what was shown, the overall review for the movie being 3/5 in the moviemaking quality.

“…the movie is filled with sexual content and nudity. Audiences see Broughton naked in ice baths, and in various stages of undress and/or revealing clothing throughout. She meets a female French operative that she passionately kisses multiple times and engages in a rather graphic sex scene. The trailer hints at the lesbian relationship, and like I mentioned earlier, the trailer didn’t lie. “Atomic Blonde” takes everything you see in the trailer and then multiplies it by 100. Broughton and Percival chain smoke throughout the movie as well.

All parents would be wise to keep their teenagers away from this one, and Christian audiences should use even wiser discernment,” said Jonathan Rodriguez.

Evidently people liked the action of the movie but were put off by one scene proving once again that even though people accept homosexual people there are some that don’t.

For those that saw the trailer but not the movie would be dipleased by certain scenes and favor watching Wonder Woman, but for those who watched the movie, they would call it thrilling.