Pancakes not proper Koi food


Daily I ask myself the same concerning question of “what is wrong with people?”

Although I know I will never be able to solve such a question I ask you to bear with me for a second while I try to comprehend the basic thought process of people today.

Let me get this straight. Students at Delta College spend approximately 175 days getting an education, correct? 

As well as investing $12,334 a year to obtain a “well rounded” education, right?

So how in the hell is it possible that students still can’t read a simple sign, process what was read and proceed to follow directions?

While on my way to class this week I happened to pass the Koi Fish pond and as usual noted that there is a sign that reminds everyone to not feed the fish.

But then again, there are always those handful of obtuse people who decide to do as they please.

With my own two eyes I watched as a girl sat near the fish and fed them pieces of her pancake.

I continued to take note of this for about five minutes and was in complete disbelief when I realized that no, the girl didn’t just give the fish pieces of her pancake. She went the full nine yards and gave them her entire pancake.

I simply find it hard to understand how difficult it is to realize that fish should not be fed human food.

I could blame the girl’s actions on the fact that maybe she fell asleep in zoology and missed the lesson about not feeding pancakes to fish, but what about the sign that clearly reminds people not to?

If we properly take care of the fish and do not feed them harmful food, these fish can live 25-30 years.

Also, let’s not let these expensive fish be killed or harmed simply because people refuse to follow rules and comprehend that they can’t do whatever they want.

I would just like to put it out there, that if you can’t find a way to sit by the pond and not harm the fish, sit somewhere else.

I don’t think I can take another pancake feeding incident on campus again.