Apple Pay option would benefit students on campus


Think of this as a scenario, you wake up one day and realize you over slept and you’re going to be late for class. 

The teacher will lock you out if you’re late. 

You get dressed, rush out the door and drive as fast as you can to Delta, ignoring all the speed limit signs.

You find a parking space almost immediately and check your phone. 

You have 10 minutes left and you think to yourself: “I’m good I got this.” 

You get out of your car and you grab your backpack and everything else you need. 

You check your pockets and you realize … you forgot your wallet. 

You think to yourself “too late now” and it’s not like you can go back for it. This is what has happened to me and probably many others like me.

Now wouldn’t it be nice to have the option to use your phone to pay for food or drinks here on campus?

Since we live in the modern age, companies from Apple to Samsung have made it so you have the option to pay with your phone. Convenient right? 

I thought so, only places like Danner Hall and the bookstore don’t offer such services. I had to resort to using the vending machines, which if you weren’t aware, do allow you to pay with your phone. Granted it doesn’t always work, but when it does it’s great.

Delta could utilize these services to at least give students and faculty the option to pay with our phones the same way we have the option to pay with a card.

“We are looking into it,  however, we are unsure of a time frame at the moment,” said Delta College Auxiliary Services Manager Fidel Cabuena.

Several students have voiced opinions on the matter.

“I like using Apple Pay… very convenient and don’t have to have cash or credits on hand. Plus, my wallet is very light now!” said Silvia Crua .

J.R. Guillory gauged whether it would be beneficial to Delta. 

“It would not. Using someone else’s platform will be beneficial to that owner. Delta needs to create their own like Pacific does,” he said.

Whether you believe it or not Delta should have pay by phone services, I believe in having options. Sure it might be rocky to use the first couple of months, but at the end of the day, I think it would be worth it.