Clubs seek out new members during rush event


Sept. 19 marked the beginning of the bi-annual three-day Club Rush.

Many new clubs and old clubs made an appearance along with multiple community organizations, some clubs, like the Chess Club also had interactive presentations.

A common message between the clubs was all want to help members be successful, whether for themselves or for the community.

A handful of clubs promote religion on campus and are open to every student.

The Christians on Campus booth was recognizable with a huge tent with a table filled with New Testament Bibles,  that the club gives out to every student passing by or for members to go to group studies.

Christian Club has been around for four years. The club meets twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday  from 11 a.m. to noon.

President Sam Ho said if people can’t attend meetings members are able to schedule one-on-one appointments.

One reason students don’t join a club is because of busy schedules. It may feel like a hassle to attend.

Public Relations for Society of Women Engineers Kimberly Estipona said at the beginning of every semester all members of the club put together their schedule and decide what would be a great time for meetings.

“The biggest thing I think all our members agree with is people has a misconception about the club, just because it is name Society of Women engineers, people think it’s only for women or only for engineering majors we are really open to anyone who wants to join,” Estipona said.

Many clubs struggle with the fact that just because a club has a certain name it’s only meant for that specific group.

For example the Black Student Union, Latino Student Union, and Asian Student Union, anyone can join these clubs you don’t have to be the title of the club.

Though the event is called Club Rush, many organizations are very involved in the campus such as TOLA.

The group has worked in Stockton for nine weeks volunteering and are trying to recruit members.

“We are trying to develop leaders in Stockton,”  Organizing Fellow Codi Haighey said.

Organizing Fellow Tahara Reynolds said another way the group recruits people is by going to high schools and some classes to do presentations.

There were also Academic Societies such as Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor society, this club has been around for a long time. The members say it was created around the 1960s.

Though this is a club it is also invite only, based on factors such as grade-point average. Christine Scheuermann, fundraising coordinator, and Lisa Jewett, activities coordinator, both said this is a club that promotes a positive environment.

This club is also very accommodating with time. Member Stephen Johnson said that though he can’t attend meetings as often he is still a very active member within the society.

Club Rush ended Sept. 21, but it will be back for the spring semester.