SMH: What’s wrong with drivers?


Like many of my fellow Delta college students,  I commute to school and it’s a hassle when half the population here in Stockton don’t know how to drive. So is the state of California just handing out driver’s licenses like free Bibles in the quad nowadays?

For those of you that ride the bus and think that none of this applies to you, think again you’re also part of the problem too.

I know that people riding the bus don’t have another choice but I’m still mad about it.

For real though why is it so difficult to simply turn on your blinker? They put it on the side of your steering wheel to make it easier for you to use. So use it.

Why is it such a chore for other drivers to use?

Also, while we’re on the subject, turn faster! That’s it.

My issue isn’t just with drivers it’s also with you thick-headed pedestrians.

Are you people so narcissistic that you think other drivers won’t hit you just because it’s illegal?

Some people might just hit one of y’all to prove a point.

There are these things called sidewalks that were created a long time ago for us to use so we don’t get hit by a motorized vehicle.

Oh, but you’re just going to ignore it so you don’t have to walk all the way to the crosswalk? One more thing before I move on – if the crosswalk light

has a red hand on it that means don’t walk. If it has a walking man on it that means walk. It’s really not that hard.

Now back to drivers, specifically traffic. So, I get that if there’s a car accident that’s reason for traffic.

However, when there’s traffic just because people drive slow that’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s a freeway. Drive faster. The speed limit says 60 mph not 30 so come on. On a final note, let me touch on the topic of elderly drivers.

I’m generally afraid of them because they could take someone out at literally anytime.

I remember a time where I was driving down Harding Way and I was behind an older car.

We come to a stop and this car was taking forever to go. I usually count to 10 when I am at a stop sign.

We were there for a minute. so I started honking my horn and the car still hadn’t moved.

At this point I’m like whatever I’m just going to go around.

As I’m going around the car I take the opportunity to look at the jerk who’s blocking the road.

I’m like super shocked to see an elderly woman with her head pressed  on her steering wheel.

I’m thinking she is either dead or asleep, either way I didn’t care because I was late to my own thing.

It’s situations like this that prompt me to believe that  senior citizens shouldn’t have drivers licenses.

I don’t want to die because an elderly person can’t obey simple traffic laws, so please make the right decision and give up your license.

Or get your children to drive you places.