Fresh-baked goods back on campus

Freshly baked bread.

Golden-brown croissants. Chocolate-dipped macaroons. Glaze-coated cinnamon rolls.

Artisan Bakery, once a Thursday only affair, expands its hours this semester to offer the above, plus cheesecake, breads, carrot cakes and more.

Sept. 28 marked the opening of the café for the fall. It will be open 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday.

Locke Lounge is the new location for this cafe.

“This is an opportunity to bring students into Locke Lounge,” said Viktor Da Vila, a student chef. “We wanted to not be in the same place and we wanted to expand, that’s why we came to Locke Lounge. Also, Danner has a lot of programs and events so we couldn’t do the [cafe] three days a week in Danner. So we decided to move to a location where we could do the Cafe Artisan Bake Sale three days a week.”

The Culinary Department is also teaming up with the Student Chef for the cafe.

Right now, they have a lot of desserts and pastries, along with freshly baked bread and sandwiches, but pretty soon, they’re going to have hot foods like veggie wraps, soups and coffee.

“It was a soft opening so all the things that we wanted, we couldn’t get today,” Vila said. “But we are going to get more and more every week.”

Locke Lounge has long been a gathering spot for students.

“I don’t know why this would be the best location,” said Aaron Barraza, a student who frequents the lounge. “I’m pretty indifferent about it but it makes me think how the geeks and nerds here are going to take it when their space is invaded. It’s kind of their haven.”

Brandon Coon and Duke Monroe, are also frequent visitors to the lounge.

“I like it over there, there used to be a cafe right there that was super nice about six years ago. I recently came back to Delta and was like, where’s the cafe? But this new cafe, it’s super nice to have something nearby that’s not Danner Hall,” said Coon.

Monroe, who was sitting right next to him, agreed.

“I don’t usually eat at Delta, but Artisan Café’s food is good. Last semester they would sell [the food] in Danner Hall. It’s nice that it’s closer to me and I can go from here to the cafe, it’s easier.”

The two shared that they and a couple of friends usually stay in Locke Lounge for hours playing card-based games so the cafe was a nice touch.

Da Vila said the bakers are also working on Food Tent Wars.

It’s an event where groups of students prepare the menu, food and coffee.

There’s a couple of tents in total and students on campus can go around the tents and try whatever they want.

“Look for the white coats,” Da Vila said. “Since we’re students, it’s a good price and it’s good food.”