Big Bang Theory sequel hits the small screen



For those Big Bang Theory fans, Young Sheldon premiered on September 25, 2017.

“I only saw the trailer that’s it but I like his bow,” said Edson Valle.

In the pilot episode, the similarities between both Sheldons became very apparent.

His beliefs in science and religion  were strong even at the age of nine despite the fact that his mother, Mary, is a faithful Christian or how his blunt attitude wasn’t welcomed to others.

So when Sheldon skipped all the way to the 9th grade, it was a given Sheldon wasn’t going to fit in whether it was with family or strangers.

To Sheldon, nothing else mattered as long as his mom supported him. So when Sheldon’s first day came and teachers that welcomed him in the beginning wanted him gone before school ended on the first day, his mother fought for his right to learn despite anything the teachers or principal said.

Though the show is solely about Sheldon’s childhood, producers added Georgie’s , Sheldon’s older brother, struggle about being the older brother of a genius. There was a scene where he tried out for football and a player teased him, calling him the dumb brother.

The episode ends off with the scene when George, Sheldon’s father, opens up to Sheldon, gaining Sheldon’s respect and trust so much so Sheldon holds his father hand during prayer despite disliking germs.

“ I usually don’t like spin offs…seems it is something producers thought up to keep viewers entertained,” said Jade Storrs. Though it was only a thirty minute episode it is looking very promising with its dry humor and heartfelt scenes.

The show is narrated by Jim Parsons the actor who plays Sheldon, who added on facts on how Sheldon felt on things, such as sharing his backup plans if his degree didn’t work out. It’s Sheldon sharing his story from his own perspective.

“I haven’t seen it but I have seen Big Bang theory and I am not impressed,” said Billy Bob.

Every show has it’s critic, examples being Storrs and Bob, who won’t be swayed into watching the show.

Young Sheldon is a prequel to Big Bang Theory so if people didn’t like that show they most certainly won’t like Young Sheldon based on the shows similarities in Sheldon’s character.

If you really think about it the show itself shares more of similarities with The Middle, because Sheldon and Brick are in similar situations.

Both are boy geniuses surrounded by your average American family with a sports loving father, an athlete brother, an out there sister and a mother trying her best to get by.

The differences between Brick and Sheldon are seen clear as day after seeing the shows back to back, the biggest difference being that Brick does things on his own and Sheldon looks towards his mom towards support.

Brick is used to his parents still figuring things out while Sheldon’s parents know how to be parents.

This show won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but to those with an open mind, give Young Sheldon a shot.