“Movement kind of suggest or implies life. Every living thing has some source of movement within it or of it or some- thing so movement is life and I always say dance changes people and people change the world,” said Pepper Von a dance choreographer and motivational speaker who visited Delta College on Sept. 28.

Von came to Delta to demonstrate dif- ferent styles of dance as well as motivate the students of Delta to achieve goals in life and strive for greatness.

Von was brought onto campus to speak by Valerie Gnassounou, Delta Dance professor, who teaches a wide range of dance from jazz to hip hop.

“I wanted the people of Delta College to be exposed to dance and to the wise and wisdom of this particular person,”

said Gnassounou.
Von showed o his ability as he start-

ed dancing with the crowd in a “watch me rst, then you try sort of way,” as well as giving the crowd a taste of his rapping ability, highlighting some of the issues plaguing young people such as gun con- trol and personal accountability.

Von said getting into the dance world was actually a compromise.

“Me and my sister went to a dance class at a community center … they had a tap dancing class and I could care less about dance at the time, I was seven. She wanted to take the class so I took the class with her and our deal was, she was going to take karate with me,” said Von.

Von became a National aerobic champion as well as going on to direct many musicals.

Pepper Von will be back Nov. 4 at Delta were his show will be motivation- al.