Trump: Stop Tweeting


Social media has been the best gift to give to this era, but it can also be counted as a huge negative to society. 

Sometimes people use social media in the wrong way, such as not being cautious. In the past election year social media outlet Twitter was the site now President Donald J. Trump was and is constantly using. 

Many of his supporters saw it as his assertiveness, the opposition saw it as ignorance. 

During the continuous 2016 election, Trump often used Twitter to name call and challenge his opponent. He also promised things that haven’t come to fruition.

Fast forward to this year.

Trump still uses Twitter to attack anyone who goes against him or has an issue with whatever he does (or doesn’t) do in office.

Over the weekend Trump has made negative tweets regarding the aid of Puerto Rico and the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Last week he made a tweet against North Korea’s Foreign Minister that was taken as threat against the country. 

The White House denies his Tweet was a threat but this was a dangerous act done by the president and it leaves the question: Should he be able to keep his personal Twitter account?

“He should be allowed to keep his own twitter account, but I do agree that when you’re such a public figure, you need to be responsible with what you actually say,” said Delta student Stephany Diaz  

Among other people there are some that would agree that the President does not need a filter at all, due to the fact that he is the President. 

 “He is still a person, he has his rights to say what he feels, be public, he’s obviously the president whatever he says matters,” said Delta student Yasmin Garcia. 

In the past years social media has not been an issue for anyone in a high position of authority, the fact that this has even became an issue is disappointing. 

Another issue that is very questionable is why the President is still tweeting from a personal account that’s very public. 

In 2015, President Barack Obama used his government official account named @POTUS through six years into his presidency, mostly to advertise organizations that were supposed to be helping the U.S. or even some insight to what was going on inside the White House. 

After Obama’s term was over and Trump was put into office the accounts switched over as did the vice president and other positions changed within the government.

The old account is now known as @POTUS44 and the account that the current president is supposed to be using is @POTUS. 

When Trump does use the government Twitter all he does is retweet his personal account tweets. The POTUS account shows all retweets in recent weeks.

Even a recent Tweet related to the Las Vegas shooting that killed 50 people and wounded more than 400 was retweeted from Trump’s @realDonaldTrump account.

One may argue it’s his First Amendment to tweet what he wants to, but should someone in 0his position really say something that sounds like a comment from person-to-person conversation?

Should someone in this position really be the face of the digital free world?