Cross country season so far



Day in and day out, that is what the Delta Cross-country Team does.

The Cross Country (XC) season is now about half complete, and the Mustangs are going strong.

“Compared to last year I think this year we actually look a lot stronger as like, a group and as a team,” said runner Adam Brooks.

Lauryn Jordan-Seales, a Cross-country coach, said that the team had several late additions to the men’s squad, and is hoping the delay in practice doesn’t hinder performance.

“We do have a few new people that still need o get used to the workouts and how things are but they have talent and they’re still doing like very well just hopping into the season and they’re really a good asset to the team,” said Brooks.

The men’ team is looking strong, but the women’s team has fewer runners, leading to less room for error or injury.

“The ladies, we’re just low in numbers so it’s like any time an injury or anything happens it really affects the team so we’re kind of like just wishing for the best,” said Jordan-Seales.

Even with so few people, the women are still putting forth the best effort.

“I think that we are doing good. There is room for improvement, as always. The girls they’re very competitive but at the same time they’re very supportive,” said Carmen Cruz.

This is Cruz’s first year running, but she has already found a balance.

“I’m finding it to be competitive but at the same time very liberating,” said Cruz.

In recent years the sport has become more difficult for smaller teams like Delta’s.

To get to the state championship, it used to be that 10 teams from both the Northern and Southern regions of California qualified.

However, that has changed to better represent the population spread in California.

“So now its like seven teams from the north and like 14 from the South,” said Jordan-Seales.

While this is fairer across the board, it makes it more challenging for the Delta team to qualify for sections.

The athletes seem more than up to the challenge of running for the top spots.

“It does push you to the limits with what your physically capable but just knowing that you’re capable of more than what you thought, it’s very liberating and very empowering,” said Cruz.

The next Cross Country meet is on October 27th at Oak Grove Regional Park.