Fair focuses on safety


Representatives from organizations trying to make the community a better place made an appearance on campus to share goals in helping the campus and community. 

The district police department hosted a Campus Safety Fair on Oct. 10 in the quad.

As the weather transitions a main goal is to keep warm but some people go to the extent of putting themselves in danger. 

Stockton Fire Department representative Pauline Keener said make sure your home has a smoke detector in every room and at least one carbon monoxide alarm. 

“We are proud to serve our community in every aspect,” said Keener. 

Another booth that may have turned an eye was the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s department display of it’s Explosive Coordinates Robot. 

The robot is used to find explosives in the area and can be controlled from a distance.

Operation Lifesaver was also trying to raise awareness for safety around train tracks. 

The goal is to make sure everyone is well informed that they shouldn’t be careless around train tracks, meaning don’t try and beat the train or when your car is stalled get out of the car and call the local police department. 

The Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) program is an experience to help future police officers get the training and knowledge. 

“The best part of the academy is going into a profession that I know, I can change lives and make differences in the community and that’s rewarding knowing that I am going towards a career that does make a difference,” said POST Academy student Jasper Juan. 

Campus police have a presence on the campus, making sure everyone feels comfortable and safe. 

The goal right now is to make sure there isn’t any theft or dangerous activity in the parking lots. 

From the handout given some tips the department has for drivers, include being aware of surroundings, parking in a well-lit area and reporting suspicious activity.

Students may also ask for an escort to their cars at night.

For the bike riders on campus need to properly bikes and ensure it won’t get stolen. 

Tips include: Having more than one lock for the bike, using an ‘U-Lock’ and registering your bike.