Comedic, raunchy show highlights Miracle Mile


That’s Showbiz Theatre Company on Miracle Mile on Pacific Ave. has been putting on the Rocky Horror Show since Oct. 13.

It runs through Nov. 4.

This widely comedic and raunchy show is highly interactive and left every audience member heartily laughing.  

The play follows newly engaged couple, Janet and Brad, while their car breaks down and they end up at transvestite Frank de Furt’s mansion/science laboratory.

The two discover the truth about who they are and explore their sexuality. Before the show, audience members could purchase participation bags which included rose petals, noisemakers, water guns, playing cards, newspapers and gloves.

Inside also included a cue card to know when to use the props and how. The audience playing a role in the production added a whole other layer to the quality and engagement of the show.

“It was amazing. I loved the cast and the way the audience engaged. That made it really hilarious,” said fellow Delta student, Elidia Gomez Matias.

Some of the audience had been to all five previous Rocky Horror Shows this year, showcasing how many of their fans are hardcore in their loyalty.

Many stagehands also would interject between the actors’ lines with random, current-event type of jokes, making everybody in the room laugh.

A stand out moment was when the audience had to throw playing cards and someone in one of the front row tables threw a card right onto Frank de Furt during his solo song, “I’m Going Home” and he continued singing while giving that audience member the classic middle finger.

A heartwarming fact was that all of the actors interviewed agreed that the most enjoyable part of being in this production was working with the cast and being around the crew and actors.

Marquis Hannon, who plays Magenta, said that the most challenging part about working on the show was “dancing in these heels. These heels are very uncomfortable but anything for show biz.”

The band also played incredibly and tremendously and added to the overall mood and experience of watching this play. The Showbiz Theatre also put on the same play a couple years back. The current cast includes Derick Stoker (Brad), Sierra Dalton (Janet), Nick Hardin (Frank), Esther Henderson (Columbia), Marquis Hannon (Magenta), Tyler Vernon (Rocky), Shawn Carrington (Riff Raff), James M. Snyder (Dr. Scott/Eddie/Narrator), and Katie Berlin, Donald Turner, Erynn Kinch and Artie Gago as phantoms.

The most challenging part of being a part of The Rocky Horror Show for Stoker was “…being comfortable half-naked on stage.” Stoker is also a fellow Delta mustang and is currently majoring in drama.

The show was also a retiring role for Shawn Carrington who plays Riff Raff and he has been acting for almost 30 years.

“These folks made it fun every night and it’s a different adventure every night and it’s an actor’s dream come true,” said Carrington.

The next shows are Nov. 3- 4. Tickets can be purchased at