Nearly New Sale provides students firsthand experience of the fashion industry


On Nov. 3, Delta’s Fashion Program and Fashion Club hosted its last Nearly New Sale of the year.

It was held at Danner Hall from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The sale consisted of clothing for adult and children which vary from casual wear, evening wear and occasion wear.

Included designer and well known brands.

It also included other items such as shoes, jewelry, handbags, wallets, outfit accessories, books, home and holiday decor.

The event is held twice a year to raise money for students in the Fashion club and the Fashion show.

“This is a fundraiser for students in the Fashion Club and then in the Spring it’s a fundraiser for the Fashion Show, so students involved basically this semester are those that are in the club, they want to go to New York, hoping to get there in June,” said Leslie Asfour Fashion Program Director and Professor.

The event provides experience of what owning a business in the industry is liked.

“It’s also a great experience, it teaches the students what it would be like to owned a boutique or own a store they have to find the merchandise, price it, merchandised it in the space, sell it to customers, marked it even, so it teaches them a lot about what it would be like if they were in the industry,” said Asfour.

The department starts prepping for the event a couple months ahead.

“A few months ahead of time students will go out to different retailers asked for donations, contact friends and family asked for donations, we get donations from all kinds of people and businesses and then they start marketing the event and two weeks before the actual sale they do a pricing day and they have to determine the price points and do all that, they recruit volunteers anybody and everybody that can help work the event for them, so there’s a lot of work that goes into it,” said Asfour.

Volunteering provided students a firsthand experience of what it takes and the process involved when running a clothing store.

The majority of the people volunteering in the sale are currently in the Fashion Club, Fashion Program or had previously been involved in it.

“I helped inventory everything, I help put everything up, I go to club meetings every Wednesday so the people that volunteer are doing just for volunteer, I’m doing it just because I want to not because I have to because I’m in the Fashion Club,” said first year Delta student Shanae Harvey.

Although for some of the volunteers in was there first time volunteering others had volunteered in the past and have seen some of the changes and growth the sale has had when it’s held.

“I’ve done this every semester since I’ve been here so this is probably my fourth time [volunteering]. There’s definitely a lot of changes every semester, in flux of customers, the way the floor is arranged and the number of volunteers definitely helps,” said second year Delta student Sokevin Tuy.

Next Nearly New Sale will be hosted in Spring 2018.