Painted rocks celebrate uniqueness of Stockton, beyond


There’s a magic that comes from searching for Easter eggs, which lives on in our memories long after we’ve grown up and put our baskets away. 

Stockton residents have embraced the trend and taken it to new heights, capturing the same sense of adventure for all ages. 

“I love the passion [Stockton Rocks] has for connecting the community,” said Stockton Rocks member Kathleen Etcheverry.

Stockton Rocks is a Facebook group with more than 22,000 members. 

Locals paint rocks, post clues to their location, and hide them for others to find. Anyone can easily particate by hiding a painted rock and on one side leave the hastag #Stocktonrocks, to share to Facebook and other social media. 

People celebrate different religions, movies and other cultural influences that shape who they are. Each rock is different and unique to the person who painted it. 

It gets strangers talking over the loot they find and it gets people out and about exploring the town they live in. 

This might add some more walks to the lives of some couch potatoes, like Pokémon GO did a year ago. 

It can be a cheap way for parents to keep their kids entertained on a budget. 

The internet has made it easier than ever for a wide world to come together, so some rocks get even farther than Stockton. 

Some hide rocks in surrounding cities such as Lodi or Tracy. Some people even bring the fun to different states like Oregon or New York when vacationing. 

Art aficionados have found a new canvas to try out and those trying to paint for the first time have discovered a new hobby they might not have considered before. 

This group’s rock painting events can bring people closer together.

“It connects and bonds people who would not normally interact,” said new member Andrea Rodriguez. 

For more information visit Stockton Rocks on Facebook. It will rock your world.