Get to know your Delta College sports


Delta campus has 13 athletic teams and only a few are actually known throughout campus.

Going around campus all students recognize football, basketball or soccer. 

“I don’t know what sports Delta has, but one way to help is to advertise more,” said Delta student Holly Anderson. 

This is very understandable considering that when a sports event is happening the only advertisement is a sign by the quad. But there are a variety of games happening on and off campus  every week students should make themselves aware of.

For away games, it’s the announcement board at the back of the school near Shima parking lot or at the front of campus off of the main Pacific Avenue entrance.

On the other hand, the other students who were asked had favorites for different reasons. 

“I actually do enjoy watching basketball, I like the way it’s thought out and the way people play it and I actually do like watching the men who play it,” said Delta student Miriam Mahmoud. 

The football season runs in the fall and has already concluded for the year.

One thing suggested to get people out to more games is to give out free food and or drinks. 

Another tip suggested is to definitely get more signs of the events going on through campus. 

Travis Wynn gave his thoughts s on how delta could get more athletic participation.

“I think Delta should go out to individual high schools to continue playing there sports,” Wynn said. “A lot of athletes will do high school but their not good enough for Division I … so they quit their sport so I think that’s where Delta can step in.”

For those who are unaware what sorts delta campus has the list is baseball, softball, football, basketball, golf, soccer, track and field, cross country, swimming, water polo, wrestling and volleyball. The athletics website indicates that beach volleyball may be added for the spring semester as well.

All of the teams can be looked up on