Controversial flyers appear on campus, elsewhere


Have you walked around campus and had to do a double take when you see a flyer that said: “It’s ok to be white?”

These flyers have been seen sporadically on campus since early November.

The signs have been plastered across the nation and on international campuses, including the University of California, Davis.

Delta College is no exception as signs have also been put up around campus, but since the notices aren’t approved by the Associated Students of Delta College office, they have been removed.

Many are confused on what this exactly means.

The origin of this so-called prank is traced back to the infamous trolling site 4chan.

It started out as a prank on a suggestion board on 4chan that would be seen as a point of controversy for the sake of causing controversy.

However, the movement was later promoted by several neo-Nazi leaders including former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke, who promoted the campaign on his website.

El Camino College in Torrance, California reported three male suspects posting “It’s OK to be White” flyers and stickers around campus according to El Comino newspaper, The Union.

According to Denise Williams representative of student activities, no one has gone through the process and properly tried to place these flyers on campus at Delta College.

All flyers must be appropriate for meaning no vulgar or dehumanizing language and graphics.
All flyers have to be approved through student activates otherwise it will be taken down. Many students are concerned over the flyers.

“I honestly don’t understand the point of this. Like are they trying to be intimidating, or are they just trying to start something? Just like, why?” said Mekayla Mandac, a Delta student.