Shaking my Head: First impressions make or break deal


The way you present yourself is important. It’s hard to come back from a bad first impression

Frankly, the first thing that everyone notices is your clothing.

Now I’m not going to start banging on the people with, let’s just say a unique sense of style. I for one have been told my wardrobe is different just because I have a rip on my clothing here and there.

Those of us that put in a little effort into the way we dress aren’t who I’m talking about.

It’s the people that decide to come to school in pajamas and think that’s completely acceptable just because the professor won’t say anything.

People who don’t take pride in the way the dress are usually the people that don’t care about school at all and are just there for the financial aid.

I’m not saying that you have to be wearing the most expensive clothing.

I’m just saying at least take some pride into what you wear.

Another thing I find inexcusable is bad general hygiene.

Sitting next to someone in class that hasn’t found deodorant can be distracting.

I realize that some people are in fact allergic to certain deodorant. However, there is such as thing as prescription deodorant.

So let’s be real, there should be no reason why you should smell like you haven’t taken a shower in days.

I’m probably should be the last person to be bring this up but being overly vulgar is a big no as well.

Being in the company of your friends cursing here and there is okay.

However, when you first meet some one and every third word is a curse word it may not be the best look.

They’re going think you are illiterate and can’t think of any other word to say other then the b-word.

In a classroom setting it’s rather inappropriate.

You’re probably making the people around you really uncomfortable. So just take it easy.

If you get escorted out of class then you know why.

Finally the thing I don’t understand some people neglect to do is probably the simplest thing you can do.

Brush your teeth.

Oral hygiene isn’t only easy, but it’s also necessary if you wanna be able to have a full-blown conversation with someone.

We’re human, though, so sometimes we forget. Luckily someone invented spare mint gum and breath mints.

In short, carry yourself with a little bit of dignity when leaving your house.

Sure you could be that person that says “I don’t care how I look” but the truth is that on some level you do. So stop being so sloppy and clean up your act.

A little effort can go a long way.