Stockton church hosts spiritual festival


Places of worship strive to be centers for spiritual insight, healing and knowledge.

Unity of Stockton explores more avenues than most churches with events like one held on Nov. 11.

The 11-11 festival featured booths from psychics, mediums, numerologists, Reiki healers and spiritual professionals.

A medium is someone who can commune with the souls of the dead. Reiki Healing is a type of physical therapy involving hovering the practitioner’s palms over the patient’s body. “Metaphysical looking beyond the literal to the deeper meaning and how it applies in our lives and with ourselves,” said Spiritual Leader at Unity of Stockton Sheila Johnson.

The event hosted 10 free talks from experts to share knowledge with the public.

Psychics, mediums, and other professionals offered services for a fee.

Some booths sold merchandise including gemstones, necklaces and books.

A collection was also done for those affected by the fires in Santa Rosa.

Unity of Stockton prides itself on building a positive community.

The organization feels it’s important to offer people methods of spiritual healing they might not have considered before.

“Wherever we go there’s people that need healing,” said numerologist and board trustee at Unity of Stockton Darius Oliver.

A numerologist studies the metaphysical significance numbers have in an individual’s life. A numerologist feels they can derive a lot of information about someone from their birth date. Oliver taught himself Numerology after studying experts on the subject and used it to help make some of the decisions in his business.

Many dismiss the validity of these practices, but others believe them to be as real as any field of study.

Unity of Stockton has service on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. The church is located on at 2027 March Lane near, Suites 4-6, near McGaw Street.