Lying on applications affects job opportunities


Companies are always on the hunt all year round for people who meet the requirements of the job posted, being trustworthy of what is being submitted.

But, what happens when you don’t meet the job requirements?

Many people lie just a little bit and others decide to lie all over on resumes to obtain jobs.

While some don’t see this affecting their career, it may damage the hiring and interview process. Experienced managers know well when people are lying.

For example, lying on your resume and application could have consequences because it lets an employer know that you can do certain duties without them having to watch over you. One of the things applicants should consider is to be prepared for the interview and everything put into the application.

Many things can go wrong, just like having to go through an embarrassing moment when the manager or the hiring agent knows you lied on your qualifications and required experience.

Most jobs, if not every job, require reference names and numbers to call past employers, so don’t list fake refrences.

There are many websites just like and in between others that provide general information and steps to help those who don’t know what to put on their resume to make it stand out without lying.

Even if you don’t possess any experience, Delta College has a Career Center that provides necessary skills and knowledgeable individuals need in order to apply or obtain a job.

It also helps those in need of a portfolio, resume, interview process and many other helpful information which can make any individual a great candidate for any job they apply to.

In order to access these services contact Michelle Castanon, the program manager, at or (209)954-5269. The Career Center is located in Holt 140.

It isn’t advisable to lie entirely on your resume or application, although lying just a little bit with information you may not remember such as dates at previous jobs or your duties may not really affect the hiring nor interview process.

One of the things that many people don’t know when they’re applying for a job is the majority of companies use what is called an Applicant Tracking System.

This software helps companies to narrow down only on applicants who input the key words they are looking for.

This may be one of the reasons people have failed to obtain a certain job because they don’t know their resume is going through an application software. Then, this will be one of the reasons why people lie on the resume and application to at least get close to the interview. According to, “The employer can even command the ATS to search the company’s entire database of resumes to look for candidates with certain qualifications”.

For example, if the job is asking for a certain quality or requisite, then the applicant will add that quality to the resume. If your resume meets what the job is seeking on a candidate, the ATS will put you in the list of top candidates and most likely you will get to the next step where an actual person looks at your resume.

This software saves time to companies, because honestly there is no way they can go more than 300 plus applications, especially if it’s for seasonal jobs which tend to move rapidly.

Lying on resumes and applications can be beneficial and a downward when applying to a job because it can affect your growth in the environment you will be working if you do get the job.