‘Justice League’ a hit despite what critics say


The long awaited Justice League came out Nov. 17.

This action-packed movie tied in the right amount of comedic timing, camaraderie and special effects. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint.

However, Justice League brought in a lower than anticipated $96 million at the box office in the U.S., according to Forbes.

This is the lowest DC has brought in for one of its movies and is much lower than the expected $110 million especially compared to Marvel’s constant earnings of $200 million and more.

Justice League competed against the new Disney animated film “Coco” during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

However, Justice League did bring in $185.5 million overseas and $281.5 million worldwide but it leads fans and movie critics to wonder if the success of Wonder Woman will be recreated.

The movie was accurate in depicting each of the character’s abilities and powers but they went in a different direction for some of the character’s personality traits. While audiences and comic book fans were more accustomed to a polite, kind of lame Aquaman, here Jason Momoa crafted a macho, tattooed Aquaman who rocked the screen. Ezra Miller also portrayed the Flash as a relatable, hilarious and humble young man just leaving his teen years, as opposed to the arrogant Flash known by fans in past depictions. The same Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Superman (Henry Cavill) and Batman (Ben Affleck) that we all know and love came together and added different layers to the overall badass team.

Cyborg was also first introduced and we can expect individual movies for the characters that don’t have their own independent film in the near future.

Fans of Gadot and Wonder Woman will experience the same cloud of awe and admiration as she demonstrates absolute power and brains over her fellow heroes as the only woman in Justice League. A standout scene was near the beginning with a theatrical, grim montage of shots depicting Superman’s death and the reaction from the public. Justice League picks up where Batman v. Superman left off with the world mourning Superman’s seemingly impossible death. The switch in point of view from a fan vlogging their interaction with Superman to a more traditional omnipresent view added to the sense of tragedy and intrigue.
Wonder Woman fans are also excited to continue supporting the DC franchise especially since Gadot told Warner she would not star in the sequel unless movie producer, Brett Ratner was fired because of the sexual harassment allegations towards him.

Seeing a woman succeed and break glass ceilings in the film industry is inspirational and Gadot does have the power and relevance to get Ratner off of the movie.

Overall, although this opinion is in the minority, Justice League is a must see.