Fashion colors play role in new coming year


Thanksgiving has come and gone which means Christmas is around the corner and New Year isn’t far behind.

With a new year comes new ideas, new job opportunities, new people.

 However, some in a certain industry have started planning for the coming year since the beginning of last spring and they are known as fashion forecasters.

A fashion forecaster predicts the colors, fabrics, textures, prints, and materials that will be used every year using information collected from sources like psycho-graphics and demographics from each city, state, or country. 

Forecasters try to understand the consumers wants and then predict the colors that would be used next year which will reflect what the color of next year will be like. 

Nevertheless, one must not forget that fashion is greatly inspired by history which is something that will never change. It’s almost a given that certain events that happened this year will reflect our colors for the coming year.

This year’s color can be an example, Greenery. Though green was used, the color represents something much deeper than that.

Greenery is reflected by the country’s need for things to be  real. 

The word ‘real’ can be defined in many ways, it could be used to define how people want others to embrace their natural looks especially with make up which resulted in nude shades. Nude can also reflect the need for the truth. People do not want to be lied to. The presidential election can be the primary cause. With all the drama with each candidate on television, some didn’t know who to trust and vote for which lead to the final result.

There is probably more to the color but what about next year? What have forecasters predicted for 2018?

Though the color of the year won’t be released until the next year has released the color palette for spring 2018.

The top 12 color palette is very unique, in a sense, because the colors go from pastels to vivid shades. The colors together are unique because it focused on the combination of  tints and shades, where a tint adds white to make a color lighter, another can add black to a shade to make it darker.

A tint would be Cherry tomato which is a combination of an orange red mix which is said to reflect heat and energy. The color demands attention and is not to be ignored.

A shade could be Pink Lavender and as the name suggests it is a combination of pink and a shaded purple which is soft and  soothing in a way in a romantic kind of way.

Though the more you look at the palette is can have a retro feel to it with some shades like lime punch and spring crocus.

The color in the top 12 though is contrary from the classic shades palette released with it for it involves of the different shades of white, shaded blues and tinted browns.

When it comes to next year’s color though it is safe to say it maybe a bright color or a softer shade like 2016 color, Serenity, it would color that hides the ugly truth of this year.