Positive vibes at new poke, tea shop


Stockton, a city that is dealing with a modern concept of big company chain lines vs. smaller local businesses, now has a new social food lounge in town. 

Superfish is a poke and tea shop that offers a range of dishes and drinks, as well as providing entertainment such as games, live music, art, special events, etc. 

“The inspiration for Superfish came from wanting to give back to the community with a free collective idea of bringing people together in a safe, positive, and fun environment where they can grab a bite to eat for an affordable price,” as stated by Drex Lee, the owner of Superfish. 

This dine-in spot provides the space for locals to share their forms of art as well allowing for a much-needed rest stop for those looking for a new and interesting food experience. 

Entertainment is provided on every day of the week, with a different theme each day. Mondays are game night for a more family orientated experience. Tuesday is live performance night. Wednesday follows that up with arts and crafts food. Thursday allows for local art display. Friday is photography. Finishing off with the weekend, it’s a random grab bag of any of the other days. 

The food provided for the store is also locally brought in from vendors around the San Joaquin Area. The ingredients for the drinks are all-natural, a safer alternative to the more sugar filled teas that one would normally get from a tea shop.    

“Working here is more than just a job, we’re a family and a small community at this place that is slowly growing into something much bigger. Not just for us but for the community as well. With all today’s current issues going on in the world and negativity, there’s a safe haven here for everyone to come together and just enjoy the simple things in life,” said by one Superfish Worker Lina. 

Superfish also provides many job opportunities to the youth and all alike that want get into the working environment. 

Being a local business, it allows for workers as well as guest to network. With Superfish having its own Instagram, Facebook, and website, it allows for people to reach out and communicate with others via their social media outlets. Free wi-fi being provided. 

Superfish also provides many accessibilities, being handicap accessible, gender neutral restrooms, and private parking. 

Many discounts are available online as well via Yelp, Instagram, and Facebook while also providing student discounts. 

“I love this place, it’s nice and clean and… I’m new to poke bowls so I wasn’t too sure at first how to order, but the staff here is amazing. They were super kind and helpful with letting me customize my own [Poke] bowl. And it’s so nice to see that this place is giving back to the community, and how it’s helping set up the music and art scene around town,” says one customer Christina. 

Superfish is now currently open every day from 11:30 a.m. until 9 p.m. on 5052 West Lane Ste 4A-B.