Crime alert: There is none, campus is much safer than students think


A lot of different things come to people’s minds when they think of Stockton and the city’s local post-secondary school Delta College.

They think of a community college, as place to get educated and a place to meet with friends.

Some people, they think of the dangers that come with being in a “dangerous” city.

The crime rate for example. A lot of people think that because Delta is located in one of the most dangerous cities in the state, the crime rate is pretty high.

But really, Delta’s not bad. I find it pretty safe to be honest.

According to Delta’s most recent Clery Act Report, the most reported crime was drug violations back in 2015. Since then, there hasn’t really been much happening.

Growing up, it seemed like I was sheltered in safe places. Safe neighborhood, safe schools.

Delta is no exception. From the moment I started here my first semester, I could tell I could relax here.

The students were nice and the professors seemed like they cared. I never once thought about the possible dangers that might come with being at a public community college.

I wasn’t here a lot my first semester. Like a lot of students, I went to my classes and went home. It wasn’t until my second semester that I started exploring the campus, either alone or with friends.

True I have met the occasional person I am uncomfortable being around but the campus is big enough that it’s easy to avoid someone.

The security around the campus is pretty good too. Campus police are always around and if you can’t find an officer, the blue phones all around campus will connect you with the police.

During my first semester I had accidentally left my favorite hoodie in the library and already left to go home.

It had been hours later when I realized that I had left my hoodie and begged my dad to take me back to find it.

I live in Tracy, so it’s not too bad of a drive but it’s still far. I had thought someone had stolen it by now to be honest but when I returned to campus, my hoodie was in the same place I had left it.

Students want to come to a safe place to learn. Campus police make sure that’s possible.

You can take responsibility for your personal safety too.

If you have an iPhone, there’s also a feature on the newer iPhones.

Pressing the lock button five times in a row allows you to send out an emergency SOS signal to your location.

Pressing three times on the power key of a Samsung phone will send an instant SOS to your emergency contacts.