Student life at Delta nonexistent


Delta is a great establishment with a lot to offer the community.

It is a place to earn degrees and pursue higher education.

However, one of the most problematic aspects of attending Delta is its lack of student life.

Being a commuter from Lathrop and having long gaps between classes has lead to a difficulty for me as a full-time student.

In between classes there isn’t much to do or anywhere to go where I can get a snack or coffee and study.

I always find myself leaving campus to go to Empresso, a store or a friend’s house, and if desperate I head home.

But heading home every day to fill in the time isn’t very practical or particularly great. It is a waste of time and money to commute.

It’s just that there isn’t really a place to be at Delta.

Why isn’t there a place on campus that can offer these things?

We have a cafeteria, but the food isn’t anything to die for. It also now closes early.

If I wanted to get a coffee to study, I would have to go to Danner Hall, then back to the library in the tiny section partitioned to those with snacks and beverage. It’s a lot of hassle for something that should be easy accessed.

Student activities are nearly nonexistent to the average student.

ASDC is great about hosting events on campus, but they usually occur at a time when I’m in class.

Creating and managing a club hasn’t been easy either.

There are rules and regulations clubs have to follow for such little benefits.

Managing every little part of my club comes with yellow tape.

To set up any kind of table or equipment requires permission.

It is easier for random people to express their Free Speech in the quad than Delta’s own students.

Accessing student resources also seems like a chore. It is easy to get lost in DeRicco trying to find the right department, and trying to book a counseling appointment is a nightmare.

It seems where I seek satisfaction in my college life, Delta has a way of making it hard.

I believe there is some hope for the future of Delta. There is a lot of potential for people when coming to Delta, but the burden of the student life is demotivating.

The culture of coming to class and leaving right after is utterly utilitarian and isn’t much different than attending class online.

Coming to campus should feel rewarding and engaging. Campus should be a place where students are
ecouraged to learn.

If there isn’t an incentive for students to be coming to campus, they may make the decision to not come at all.

Interacting with others is the No. 1 benefit to being there in person. A college campus should be unifying and a center for the community. It should be an environment that lifts the student to success, not stifle it.

If Delta refuses to improve the quality of life for its students on campus, then it may as well not have a campus at all.

If an effort is made to keep students welcome on campus by improving the student experience, I believe that Delta College could be more accessible to students who want to be here.