‘Black Panther’ movie opens way for new movement


Throughout the Civil Rights era, law enforcement abused their power when it came to African American citizens.

This led to the development of the Black Panther Movement in an attempt to protect the lives of African Americans.

In October 1966, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale founded the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in Oakland that spanned across many cities.

The Panthers practiced self-defense of minority communities against the United States government and the city police.

A new Black Panther Movement has been formed in 2017, however it is no longer a political movement, but a cultural one.

The movie Black Panther exploded on various social media websites with an outpouring of support.

This movie is a step in the right direction towards a better understanding and appreciation of urban culture and African culture, all encompassed in one package.

This movie is huge because it gives children and people of color a role model.

For so long, children of color have been looking for a superhero that looks like them.

Along with the movie coming out, the hashtag #BlackExcellence has been trending on Twitter.

The hashtags are a way to show and express how people feel with images of black people smiling and doing acts not portrayed in the media as often.

Twitter users have sparked a whole new movement in the online world.

Seeing something like this happen gives a whole new take on the #BlackLivesMatter movement by putting a whole new positive face to it. This movement has helped innocent people not get locked up.

It also shined light on people and topics being forgotten by the mainstream media like Flint, Mich., Kenneka Jenkins, Sandra Bland and Eric Garner.

Black Twitter has taken over social media.

I feel this movement is crucial because it lets the light shine in and on people of color helping out their community. Giving them a platform to express themselves is important.

Half the time we feel our voice falls on deaf ears.

The movement is inspiring more and more users to get on social media and participate in making the social media culture diverse. It shines a light and lets us talk freely without somebody dismissing what we have to say.

When the movie first came out people from all over were wearing African garb to the first showings.

The hashtags let us talk about race and inequality and makes it a national conversation. Being able to talk freely on a touchy subject is enlightening. We show them how we think and how we feel.

For example people always oppose the #BlackLivesMatter movement with #AllLivesMatter movement and getting into arguments on Twitter and a slew of people rush in to explain to them that black lives matter just as much as other lives.

With this movement, we are bullying the bullies who troll online and demean and disrespect anybody who comes against the Twitter movement. This movie is changing people’s perception about black culture and the BLM movement and how it’s giving black people a connection to their ancestral roots.