‘Dolores’ to be played on campus Feb. 28

Film part of month-long showcase celebrating Women’s History at Delta College


Feb. 26, 2018 correction: Dolores Huerta’s name was spelled incorrectly in the print version of this article.

As part of the celebration for Women’s History in March, Delta College will be honoring one the many inspirational women connected to the campus – Dolores Huerta.

Huerta is a big part of women’s history and Latin American culture. She marched alongside labor leader Cesar Chavez, fighting against racial and labor injustices.

Delta College will celebrate her by showing the film “Dolores” on Feb. 28 at 12:30 p.m. in the Atheron Auditorium.

The Women’s History Month committee is responsible for the showing on campus.

Lynn Hawley, who teaches the subject on campus, is chair of the committee.

Huerta’s work is transcendent of generations, Hawley said.

“She is the most important person in the 20th century. She is still relevant in the 21st century about the ongoing debut in the United States,” said Hawley.

She moved to Stockton when she was three. She attended Delta College when it was Stockton College, and then the University of the Pacific.

The 2017 film “Dolores” goes deeper into who she was and what she did to have the freedom to speak on what is very valuable to her. The film will feature people who knew Huerta, including her children.

Huerta is expected to make a brief appearance at the event.

“The documentary will show the trace of different activist that Huerta is involved with,” said Hawley.

Hawley said Huerta is a supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and unafraid to speak her mind. Adriana Brogger, RTV professor, is also on the Women’s History Month committee.

Brogger said she has nothing but respect for Huerta.

“Dolores Huerta has a wonderful story that nobody knows about,” said Brogger.

“The film that is being brought to Delta with the sponsor of KVIE will teach that people about her life and that the fight is not over yet,” said Brogger.

Brogger also hopes when everyone comes to see this film that they will feel inspired by her and feel more educated by Huerta’s story.

The doors to Atherton Auditorium open at noon. The film is expected to run until 2:30 p.m.