Gun control again called into question


In light of recent tragic events taking place across the country people are more in question of gun control laws in the United States.

The nation is now more aware than ever after recent tragedies have been occurring more frequently, including the recent massacre in Florida.

The fact a young man with mental problems and a well-known history of having incidents with the law was able to so easily get access to a gun still amazes many people with the laid-back laws for the accessibility to firearms.

“I feel like this is becoming a more common thing now, like you hear about incidents like this happening almost every week now. Like … how can you have the heart to hurt people and children like that. It’s saddening and I feel that they need to have stronger gun control laws, like … you have to wait until you’re 21 in order to buy alcohol and go to most clubs but you can buy a gun at 18, it just amazes me at how backwards our society is sometimes,” said Delta College student Qiara Ritts.

It’s indeed true there are many laws in our society today that aren’t properly regulated, gun laws in particular.

The fact however, can be strongly debated due to our Second Amendment right allowing us to bear arms.

Many people still favor current gun laws and support the laws in their entirety.

There is a great divide between what should be done, what should be changed and what should be regulated.

People are searching for answers in order to find ways to regulate safety measures in case such events where people who have access firearms can cause incidents such as these.

“I feel that we definitely have to do something in order to prevent things like this from happening. I mean take Australia for example, they haven’t had a school shooting in like over 25 years. I feel like we could take notes from them and implement them into our own system. We should have more training and awareness about incidents like this put into not just the school systems but everywhere for public safety. Staff and law enforcement should definitely be better trained for scenarios like this since it’s happening so much more frequently now. We have to educate ourselves in areas that haven’t been well addressed yet,” said Delta student Asfandyar Awan.

Safety measures should be implemented for incidents that occur and preventative measures as well.

One very common concern for most was on the lax nature of background check on individuals who purchase guns in the first place.

Concerns for a more thorough check on applicants wishing to purchase weapons has become one of the key points in firmer gun control laws.

“I feel that if people respected others more first, we wouldn’t have as many of these problems that we do now. We shouldn’t be constantly in fear of each other all the time but rather more loving, caring, and understanding. The fact that we let it get to this point is crazy, we have all kinds of people dealing with different issues and we make things worse by making fun of them or harassing them,” said student Carlos Hernandez. “We fear what we don’t understand. Then we wonder why these disturbed people do what they do and have such easy access to harm more. We definitely have to change our current system.”

People can only hope that better managed gun control laws will be implemented appropriately.