Bus routes impact students


A new bus route, which runs from the Stockton DMV to Franklin High School, and serves Stockton’s midtown corridor, including Delta College, will be operational as of March 11.

“The new bus route has been in the making for over a year now,” said Terry Williams San Joaquin Regional Transit District’s (RTD) Public Information Officer.

Route 47 is at the forefront of electric bus technology. It runs in 15-minute frequency for weekdays and peak hours and 30-minute frequency for weekends and off peak-hours and utilizes four hybrid buses.

New technology has been introduced with the launching of the new route, including electric terminals to speed up the process, prepaid fare, improved shelters and boarding areas, speed advantages, straighter routes, stoplight control, fewer stops and a new Token Transit app.

Buses navigating the route have a speed advantage because of the straighter routes and if they are running late and stop at a stoplight they can a press a button which will turn the stoplight to green giving them preference.

With all these advantages, this route can make it from Franklin High School to Delta College in 23 minutes.

The event welcomed Donna DeMartino, RTD CEO, representatives from Jerry McNerney’s office, Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs, Joni Bauer a orientation and mobility specialist for the Community Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired and Franklin High Principal Juan Salas.

The event was catered by Delta College Culinary Arts students.

DeMartino also introduced 22 new Hopper buses for the physically impaired at the event, which was held at the Children’s Museum in downtown Stockton.

Route 47 starts at the DMV and ends at Franklin High School connecting the east to the west making transportation easier for students who attend Franklin.

People have some mixed feelings about this bus. “ I personally think that it’s ironic for them to add a new route when they haven’t mastered getting to the other stops on time,” said third-semester student Laneice Hannah.