Top 25 employers to participate in hiring event


Delta College will Go Live with Top 25 event for the first time, where top 25 employers in the city are selected to come and hire new employees.

“This event is something that’s a brand new employment event for students,” said Sokum Somsack, Strong Workforce Directory. “And it’s the brainchild of professor Alicia Stewart.”

Alicia Stewart is the chairman for the business and information technology program.

“So she came up with the idea,” said Somsack. “And my program is the Strong Workforce Program and we’re helping to develop, promote and support it via the Strong Workforce funds.”

The CTE Workforce Development Center in the DeRicco building and the BIM (Business Information Technology department, are collaborating to out together the event.

The purpose of the event is for Delta College to engage with the biggest employers in the local community and connect them with students taking and or completing programs relevant to what employers looking for, according to Somsack.

“We want to stay local as much as we can, that’s why we’re choosing the top 25, the biggest employers,” she said.

The employers attending the Go Live with the Top 25 event are Tesla, Amazon, Lore’s Livermore Laboratory, OG Packing which has office positions open and more.

Students aren’t the only ones welcome to take part in this event. Anyone in Stockton can come and meet with employers as well.
Go Live with The Top 25 will be held on Thursday, April 5 from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 in room Shima 240.

“Shima 240 is a computer lab and so Professor Stewart is going to be the one to lead the whole event hat day,” said Somsack. “So what’s going to happen is the employers are going to come and take the stage and talk about their company, provide video clips, go through the list of positions that are open with the students or even community members.”

If those who attend the event are interested in an available position, they start applying on the computers in Shima 240.
“That’s the live piece of this event,” said Somsack. “Then the employer will be able to answer any questions that the applicant might have, so that way you get a really clean and fresh application.”

Employers are looking for full-time and part-time workers. Companies like OG Packing mostly have full-time positions available, but a couple of part-time positions are available.

“We always have a conversation with each of these employers,” said Somsack. “Because of our low enrollments, we want to establish an understanding with employers that, these students, their academics is their priority.

So if they are continuing in the following semester, we ask the employers to be mindful of the student’s schedules and just understand that the students may not be able to work a regular schedule, and would prefer something part time.”
For those interested, an annual job fair will be held on April 26.