Beach volleyball’s inaugural season off to a rough start


The Beach Volleyball schedule is now in full swing for Delta College.
The Mustangs are currently in the middle of the inaugural season and spirits are high with excitement.

The team started off with a preseason scrimmage at Folsom then continued into the regular season at Aptos against Cabrillo College where the Mustangs experienced 5-0 loss.

Delta then hosted a tournament at the University of the Pacific, where the home court is, against Marin College and Feather River College where the team experienced its first in preseason win against Marin College 5-0.

The Mustangs later lost against Feather River 5-0. Some of the things the teams been working on is figuring out who gets paired with who.

“Chemistry is really important at this sport and we try to keep the girls comfortable and active with their partners,” said Assistant Coach Ashleigh Hedstrome.

So far teammates have been getting used to the new rules and the new environments faced being outdoors.

“The second tournament we had was out in Cabrillo and it was super windy so we were fighting that. But our last tournament was really sunny and really nice so I think the girls really enjoyed the break in the weather,” said Hedstrome.

Hedsotrome said players need to communicate on the court regarding what shots are open and how opponents play.

The team’s goal for this season is to use what learned in the new environment and apply it to the indoor season next Fall.

“Now that the girls kind of coach themselves in beach hopefully they take the carryover to indoor to show they can figure out there own shots and they can trust themselves,” said Hedstrome.

Alanna Valdez said the players are getting comfortable in the sand, communicating and building chemistry with partners.
Kylee Irwin-Paz shared some of her favorite aspect of beach volleyball.

“It’s not all about being a power hitter it’s mainly more about ball control … you don’t have to kill it all the time whereas in indoor you kind of need that and in beach you don’t have to be a power hitter you can just be consistent all around,” said Irwin-Paz

The team will have its next tournament in Rocklin against Marin College today. A home game, at University of the Pacific, will be played on April 20.