Taco’s El Rey Azteca spreading the flavor


April 10, 2018 update: The online version of this story has changed. A last name was corrected from the printed version and original digital version.

Aztec taco truck, which is usually located at 1546 Pacific Avenue in Stockton, is better than everyday taco trucks.

After eating lunch five times in two weeks at the business, it’s easy to conclude that this variation has outdone all other street corner tacos.

At first visitors notice the colors of the truck across the street from the Stockton School for Adults.

The side of the truck showcases a depiction of an Aztec warrior in a feathered headdress in front of a sunset.

Owners Jennifer Saavedra and Hector Espinoza chose the business’ colorful logo for two reasons. The owners said they wanted to pay tribute to the Aztec culture through the business, and the sunset’s ombre is meaningful to the family because it symbolizes struggle leading towards success.

The truck catches the eye, and then attention with it’s wonderful smells.

Visitors immediately see the Aztec tacos will be different.

A regular taco truck’s smell is usually just the scent of pork or beef cooking but El Rey Azteca’s aroma is more complex.

Although Saavedra was unwilling to share the secret ingredients, she did say after many years of experimenting with spices, the red salsa for the tacos was born.

When the homemade red sauce is paired with the creamy green pipil, spicy marinated meats and pineapple slivers you’ve got a mouthful of intense flavor unlike any other taco.

If these tacos don’t sound like the best in the whole world already, on Mondays there is a three taco and one drink special for $6, with exceptions for shrimp or fish.

El Rey Azteca appeared on the Miracle Mile and since then the team have been working 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. every day of the week but Wednesday.

Because the truck is new, it was decided that Wednesday would be a day of rest in order to have time for family, said Jennifer Saavedra.

The food makes the palate expand.

No other combination of meat and tortilla can ever compare to the experience El Rey Azteca puts out.

And nothing makes food more desirable than a secret recipe.