Delta recovers to beat Sierra College 12-11


The Delta College baseball team won a surprising 12-11 victory Sierra College with a double to finish it in the 10th inning at Nick Cecchetti Field on April 5.

Sierra led 5-0 in the first two innings when Beau Philip first scored for Delta in the third.

“I wouldn’t say nervous, but a weird game,” said Coach Reed Peters when asked about the start of the game.

Peters said watching the players grow and get better and move on to four-year colleges and the Major Leagues is the best thing about coaching.

Delta was down in the fourth 11-2 with Sierra leading in the bottom of the 4th inning.

Delta made an explosive comeback with a five-point inning in the bottom of the fifth making the score 11-7.

“Not sure what he was up to,” said Peters about a pitcher from Sierra relentlessly trying to pick off first base men.

At the bottom of the sixth, Delta scored one and then in the seventh inning Delta scored three catching up to Sierra with an electrifying triple.

“Keeping them at 11 made it able for us to make a comeback,” said Peters.

Sierra went scoreless from the 5th-10th inning which allowed Delta to capitalize on the setback. The next away game is on Saturday, April 7 against Sierra at 1 p.m.