Stockton offers recreational sports for all ages


Recreational sports for all ages are soon beginning for the spring and summer seasons for the local San Joaquin area. 

As the season gets warmer people are becoming more physically active and prepping for the hotter months to come. Many are taking to the gyms and signing up for sports at local schools and colleges. 

For those that have busier schedules however, or don’t have the time to invest in a long-term contract with gyms or sports teams, or maybe don’t fit the right criteria for certain activities, there are many programs available for both adults and children. 

“I feel that this a great way for some of us people who can’t really get involved with the sports here on campus, either because we got too much going on or maybe some of us are too old to play the sports here with freshman and sophomores or maybe because at this level it’s too demanding, it gives us the opportunity to be active and have fun with a like-minded people.”, says Delta student Michelle Robins. 

More recreational teams have slowly begun to grow in the past few years for the city of Stockton as many are becoming more health conscious and aware of the need to invest in physical activity. 

The city of Stockton offers many programs for people of all ages with room for creating a very flexible schedule for those wishing to participate in sports. 

“The programs that they offer (city if Stockton) are really nice, I had my kids signed up for football and basketball when they were younger and they loved it. I think it’s a nice way not just for the kids but for the community as well to get involved with activities together, these are nice programs that are pretty affordable for everyone,” said Stockton Resident Omar White. 

There are both adult and youth programs that offer many types of sports for the upcoming seasons of 2018.  

Sports that are available for the adult programs this season are: softball, basketball, and outdoor soccer. 

For the youth programs the sports that will be available are: flag football, volleyball, baseball, tennis, and outdoor soccer. 

Ages for youth programs range from 4 to 17 years old. Adults are from 18 years old and up. 

The prices range depending on the sport and at what time you register. Early registrations are available with discounts. There are also late registrations available (fees may apply.) 

For those who may not find a sport to their liking may even call the Adult Sports and Field Offices, Community Services Administration to form their own team or sport. 

For any further questions regarding the other programs available you may also call these offices. 

Adult/Youth Sports and Field Offices are available at Stribley Community Center 1760 E. Sonora St., Stockton, CA, 95205.  

Community Services Administration are available at 605 N. El Dorado Street, Stockton, CA, 95202