Launch party unveils the Hood App

The band Soggy Rats Perform as opening act at the hood app launch party

On April 15, Hood App developers Brian Alcones and Gill Asension hosted a large launch party for the new application.

The Hood App is a space users can utilize special offers from local business as well as showcase local artists. The app can also be utilized by local business to advertise.

A portion of the proceeds from the event were to be donated to the not-for-profit organization Tuleburg Press.

The event was held at the Sycamore in the heart of downtown Stockton.

The launch party took the time to showcase local artists, musicians and comedians.

Daniel Mendez, a local artist, showcased a collection of his artwork.

“This is a collection of artwork that spans from 2008 to now. I like to mix it up to show people that it is going to look worse before it looks cool, give some inspiration. Everything kind of has its own concept going for it,” said Mendez

Mendez, who designed the first incarnation of the Hood App flyer, revealed the interesting way he became involved.

“I saw a sponsored feed of a post and it was of Blackwater coffee shop, I designed the logo for that and I saw the logo on an image that I didn’t create. So I don’t as like who’s using my logo and it was Hoop App,” Mendez said. “I was kind of annoyed but I hit them up and he was actually like, yo, I like your work come to the office and see if we can work together on a project.”

The main show kicked off with the Soggy Rats, a local band from Stockton.

The self-described folk, punk, funk band revealed how it utilizes the new app to cultivate audience.

“We keep track of our popularity from how people receive our music and stuff,” said lead singer Lisa Eberhardt.

Guitarist Mars Gerardo said it helps the band get to it’s “core audience.”

Reception for the app has so far been positive. It currently has five stars on the Apple and the Google Play stores.