‘Meal and a Show’ event helps homeless


Jay Cat Da Savage is coordinator of “Meal and A Show,” an organization bringing a happy, healthy, giving environment to homeless people.

“It’s about feeding, clothing, and providing a service for these people. So I would like for mental health to come out and set up a booth and talk to people just at random. Also Central Valley housing or any kind of housing organization that could help get these people in a home and off the streets. I would like for them to come up and set up a table and be part of it,” said Da Savage.

At first artists would stand around to freestyle acapella.

A DJ soon followed, creating a bigger atmosphere. The very first meal and a show took place on Memorial Day 2017.

Da Savage only anticipated one event but continued to organize more because he received a positive response from hungry Stocktonians.

Along with food and live entertainment, the homeless receive haircuts and makeovers.
This event runs bi-monthly on the reliability of volunteers, artists and cooks.

Da Savage is planning to move to Washington to spread the organization to heavy populations of homeless citizens.

Today, Da Savage believes that on social media a lot of people fixate on race, that lot of issues are racial issues. From a Muslim’s point of view he asks how individuals can treat “brothers and sisters” wrong just because s/he is different? The racial dividing situation is not diminishing it’s actually a situation that’s growing and increasing homeless populations. “We have to do something as people of the city because it could be me, it could be you. Anybody can end up in that situation and wouldn’t they want help? Or at least some kind of little something to break up the monotony of everyday struggles of living in a tent or a shelter,” said Da Savage.

A goal for “Meal and A Show” is to one day serve more than one hotdog to people, a potluck with the community is the dream. The homeless look forward to Savage’s event. When he and his wife go out to the streets and give people coffee on cold nights, the homeless respond with enthusiasm asking about the next “Meal and a Show” date.

“That kinda touches me, like man I’m doing something that they look forward to, that makes me feel good. That’s my reward,” said Da Savage.

Da Savage plans to find a new outlet other than social media to spread the word about the events.

The most recent event was on April 29 in Modesto at La Loma Park.

Local news coverage brings hope that more people will donate supplies and get involved. Da Savage said he and others have provided for the event out of pocket before.

He asks that more people become inspired to support the community.

He can be contacted through Instagram @jcatdasavage, private account for serious inquiries only.

The organization has board members who take under advisement the rules on public health and safety while they apply for 501c3 nonprofit, nontaxed status.

You can help by donating to their gofundme page, you can find them at gofundme.com/dq49gf-starting-a-non-profit-organization. There is another gofundme account not certified by Chezzere Day called gofundme.com/amealandashow.